Cover is provided in respect of any authorised and/or recognised activity of Mountaineering Scotland.

This should be read in conjunction with the following list of declared activities which, whilst not exhaustive, indicate the type of activities which should be expected, as follows:

Arranging and participation in all forms of mountaineering, hill walking and climbing activities, including mountaineering, climbing, scrambling, bouldering, hill walking, ski mountaineering and ski touring, canyoning, coasteering, fell and mountain running,

Representation on any management committee or acting as a trustee with respect to the operation of mountaineering huts

Arranging instruction courses in skills relevant to such activities, social activities of interest to mountaineers, the publication of newsletters and journals about club activities and other mountaineering, hill walking and climbing activities, including the maintenance of a library.  

Club members are covered for these activities whether undertaken as part of a club meet or on an individual/personal basis.

Secondary Activities (i.e. activities which are not be the main activities of the club):

These include canoeing, kayaking, cycling and mountain biking and club members are only covered for these secondary activities in the context of club meets.

Read the Mountaineering Scotland clubs policy summary here

Please note: This is a Combined Liability insurance policy, it is not a Personal Accident 'no fault' compensation policy.


Employers Liability

Cover can be extended, at no cost, to include an indemnity to protect the club in respect of legal liability for damages and legal costs arising out of death or injury caused to employees in the course of their employment. This inlcudes the club's liablity to volunteers who are doing work on behalf of the club. 

Should you require Employers Liability, we can provide this without additional premium. The limit of indemnity per incident will be £10 million with the exception of terrorism which will be limited to £5 million per period.

If you wish to apply for Employers Liability cover, please complete and return the application form.